COVID-19 health and safety measures

WE CAN MANAGE IT! STAY SAFE!And now that our everyday life has changed, Paxos Sunrise Villas is ready to accommodate you with safety. We take the necessary measures needed for the safety of our visitors as well as our staff. You can find below all the instructions for a safe stay so you can enjoy your vacation in our hotel.

Suggestions during your stay at Paxos Sunrise Villas
•    Wash your hands regularly.
•    Use antiseptic.
•    Avoid handshake.
•    Keep distances (2 meters).
•    Avoid touching your face.
•    Follow the measures for personal and breathing hygiene.
•    Put masks on your face.
•    Check-in via E-mail.
•    Receipt sent via E-mail.

Cleanliness / Decontamination
•    Every day we clean and disinfect the guest rooms and the common areas with antibacterial products according to the National Public Health Organization’s instructions.
•    We have placed hand sanitizers in our common areas and in the guest rooms.
•    We avoid the linen change as well as the housekeeper entrance in the rooms. Only if the guest asks this service from the Front Desk it can be provided.

•    The hotel provides disposable gloves and masks complimentary upon request.
•    The entrance is allowed only to our guests and our staff.

Staff and partners
For the safe service of our guests, our staff and partners wear masks and gloves.

Personal data
It is our obligation to receive the personal date of our guests (name, passport number, telephone, e-mail address, home address) and keep them safe ONLY if there is a case.  They cannot be used again.

Global Health Organization:
National Organization of Public Health:
European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC):
Centers for disease control & prevention:

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