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The island of Paxos has no airport. But you can travel by plane to Corfu, then catch a ferry leaving for Paxos. The flying dolphin traveling the distance Paxos - Corfu in less than 1 hour, and from Igoumenitsa A ferry boat takes a little less than two hours. You can also travel by boat from Parga.

The speed boat called the "Despina" will take about 1"30 to bring you to Paxos. For timetables, bookings and costs please contact the following travel agency.

Corfu-Paxos Kamelia lines "Despina"or Crista tel: (+30) 26610-40372
Paxos-Corfu Kamelia Lines "Despina" tel: (+30) 26620-32131
or contact kamelia lines

When the boat reaches Gaios Port, taxis will be available for passengers.

A Flying Delphin ferry can carry about 100 passengers and take almost 1 hour from the New Port of Corfu to Paxos. The Zanadu is the slow ferry from the same company and take almost 2 hours from the New Port of Corfu to Paxos.

For timetables, bookings and costs please contact the following travel agency.

Corfu-Paxos Bouas Hydrofoil "Ilida II"
tel: (+30) 26610-49800 / fax (+30) 26610-44004

Paxos-Corfu Bouas Hydrofoil "Ilida II"
tel: (+30) 26620-32401/ fax (+30) 26620-32610

In Igoumenitsa visitors can also get local car ferries,which carry foot passengers and this is also a popular way for people to get to Paxos. For timetables and bookings please contact the following travel agencies:

From Igoumenitsa Port F/B KERKYRA: Tel: (+30) 26650 25908 or click "Ionion Lines"
From Igoumenitsa Port AgIOS PANTELEHMON: Tel: (+30) 26650 24090/26280 or click "Corfu ferries"
From Paxos to Igoumenitsa F/B KERKYRA: Tel: (+30) 26620 32269
From Paxos to Igoumenitsa AGIOS PANTELEHMON: Tel: (+30) 26620 32114/32772

Another option is to hire a sea taxi (private boat), which can be a unique and enjoyable part of the journey. They usually leave from the Old Port of Corfu and take about an hour but they can also leave from Lefkimi (40 min) or Kavos (30 min.) and has the added benefit of being able to arrive at any port (not cheap although). There are 3 sea taxi's on the Island. Sea taxi's need to be booked well in advance.

Mr. Nikos Anemogianni tel: (+30) 6932 232072 or Paxos express
Mr. Tasos Gkogkos tel:(+30) 6944 832964
Mr. Andreas Petrou tel: (+30) 6977 623033


For more Information please contact the following numbers.

Port Police

Pxos: (+30) 26620 32259
Corfu: (+30) 26610 32655, (+30) 26610 39513
Igoumenitsa: (+30) 26650 99400


Transportation in Paxos

Buses, Taxis, Boats, Rent a car, Seaplanes


Two routes in winter, three in summer from Athens via Igoumenitsa.
Bus Station of Paxos, (+30) 26620 32245


Antiohos Kostas, (+30) 6974 002236
Argyros Christos, (+30) 6977 472747
Mourikis Tassos, (+30) 6976 648486
Bogdanos Charis, (+30) 6974 135660
Mourikis Nikos, (+30) 6984 220011

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